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Find all your Beauty tools, supplies and products here at AB Beauty Studio. The Studio’s exclusive partnerships with brands, suppliers and manufacturers ensure that students, independent artists and distributors have access to the best quality products and prices on the market.

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Lash Extension Tools and Supplies

Find all the tools and products a Lash Artist needs for the perfect lash set.

Lash Lift Supplies

From Serums, Keratin Mascara to rods, find all the Lash Lift Kit essentials here.

Microblading Tools and Supplies

The perfect brow begins with the right set of tools. This any Brow Artist’s arsenal.

Facial products, tools and supplies

Every esthetician needs tools and products that make clients feel pampered. Here are all the high quality products for Dermaplaning, Hydrafacials and Microneedling.

Essential Beauty Supplies

Get all the Beauty Basics here. From masks to pillows to wands, essential supplies can be found here.